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Apple macintosh powerbook 180c

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Je vends un Macintosh PowerBook 180c sans chargeur, objet de collection à saisir Coprocessor: Integrated RAM: 4 MB (14max) FDD: 1.44MB manual inject Display: 640x-bit, 16grays, backlit LCD panel Modem: bps (?) internal Ports: ADB, Video (mini-15), SCSI (HDI-30), Microphone, Speaker, Printer (serial), Modem (serial) Expansion: RAM upgrades Keyboard: PowerBook 140 style Pointing Device: Integrated trackball
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Macintosh Powerbook 180c Apple Mac. État : Occasion fonctionne très bien EssentialsFamily: PowerBookCodename: HokusaiGestalt ID: 71Minimum OS: 7.1Maximum OS: 7.6.1Introduced: June 1991Terminated: March 1993ProcessorCPU: Motorola MC68030CPU Speed: 33 MHzFPU: 68882Bus Speed: 33 MHzRegister Width: 32-bitData Bus Width: 32-bitAddress Bus Width: 32-bitLevel 1 Cache: 256 bytes data, 256 bytes instructionROM: 1 MBRAM Type: uniqueMinimum RAM Speed: 85 nsOnboard RAM: 4 MBRAM slots: 1Maximum RAM: 14 MBExpansion Slots: modemVideoScreen: Active Matrix 8.4" color LCDMax Resolution: 8-bit 640x480StorageHard Drive: 80-160 MBFloppy Drive: 1.4 MB SuperDriveInput/OutputADB: 1Serial: 2 Mini DIN-8SCSI: HDI-30Audio In: mono 16 bit miniSpeaker: monoMicrophone: mono 8 bitMiscellaneousPower: 24 WattsDimensions: 2.25" H x 11.25" W x 9.3" DWeight: 7.1 lbs.Introduced in June 1991, the PowerBook 180c included an active-matrix 256 color screen (a first for PowerBooks) The 180c was discontinued in March 1991.
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